MCC United Nations Seminar

Site of the United NationsThe MCC United Nations hosts an annual student seminar at their office in New York City the last weekend of October. Each year has a different theme emphasizing a current issue or topic, such as peacebuilding in the DRC, refugees and internally displaced persons, nonviolent peacekeeping, and more. The seminar features a variety of speakers, from experts in the field, NGO workers, government officials and UN representatives. 

Conrad Grebel is able to send up to 6 students and travel bursaries are available to help cover seminar, accommodation and transport costs. It's an incredible opportunity to visit the UN, meet like-minded students from other peace institutions, and engage in peace issues. 

MCC Ottawa Seminar

Students in circle at the Ottawa seminarCloser to home, the MCC Ottawa Office also hosts an annual student seminar in February. This conference is set up similarly to the UN Seminar but focuses on issues in a Canadian context and features speakers from MCC, advocacy networks and NGOs as well as government officials. It's a great opportunity to engage with peace practitioners and other students and gain a better understanding of the relationship between parliament and civil society organizations. <--break->

PACS Society

Pacs society event at Sweet DreamsPACS Society is your student body representative. Throughout the term they host social and educational events for students to get to know each other, engage in issues and work together. There are 6 executive positions who coordinate the society, but all PACS students are welcome to attend events and join the community. Remember, it's your society - if there's something you want to see from PACS, an event or issue you want to work on - let the society know! Visit the society's Facebook page for more information.



Trip to the SOA Vigil: "Shut Down the SOA: Resist Empire & Militarization" 

The SOA/WHINSEC is a military training base located at Ft. Benning that has trained over 65,000 Latin American soldiers in counter-insurgency, interrogation, and torture. Graduates then return to their home countries and have been linked to some of the worst human rights abuses in the region (such as the El Mozote massacre in El Salvador), targeting student leaders, union organizers, community defenders, and others who are working for the rights of the poor.

This is an opportunity to join thousands of activists from across the Americas in November to participate in the social justice conference, protest, and nonviolent vigil to close the School of the Americas (SOA/WHINSEC). 

If you'd like to know more about these opportunities, contact Rachel Reist, PACS Undergraduate Advisor, or the PACS assistant