1. A PACS Internship course must involve at least 30-40 full-time work days, not including travel time. This usually takes place over the course of 4 months but depends on the placement and your own personal time commitment.  

  2. In keeping with the various emphases of the overall PACS program, placements must be related to three primary interest areas:

    1. Community mediation programs and programs in local conflict resolution and negotiation;

    2. Agencies promoting justice, development, and peace in developing countries; and

    3. Organizations involved in international issues of war and peace, disarmament, and negotiation.

Placements can take place in either a domestic or international location, according to your interests and availability of host agencies. It’s important to research alternatives and consult with the PACS Internship coordinator

  1. Once you have found a placement, you must design a proposal to submit to your Internship coordinator by the deadline. This proposal should be accompanied by a Budget (PDF) if you plan to apply for financial aid.

Proposal deadlines are as follows:

  • Internship beginning in the following winter (January) term - October 30
  • Internship beginning in the following spring/summer (May) term - March 1
  • Internship beginning in the following fall (September) term - June 30
  1. During your placement, you are required to keep a learning journal to reflect on your experience and relate it to your studies. This will be graded by your field studies coordinator upon your return.

​The learning journal consists of at least twelve 2-3 page (double spaced) reflections about your experiences, observations, and insights. More information can be found in your Student Internship Guide. 

The PACS Internship course will count as a full course credit (0.5 credit) as PACS 390. Talk with your advisor to determine the term for which you will register for the course. In addition, it is possible to earn another course credit through PACS 398/99 Directed Readings. 

Note: Only PACS students (declared major, option or diploma) can apply for a field study. In addition, students must have completed at least 2 PACS courses.