Once accepted by a host agency for a placement, you will prepare a proposal to be submitted to the PACS Administrative Group, through the PACS office, for review and approval. The proposal will include the following:

  1. A short description of the host agency including:
    • location
    • work they are doing
    • how long they have existed
    • their contact information
    • administrative setup of the agency
  2. A brief description of what you expect to contribute to the agency. Include a copy of the job description they have given you, if possible. Briefly explain what experience and training you have to fulfil those requirements.
  3. Comment on how this program builds on your PACS studies.
  4. What do you expect to be the outcomes of this experience? How do these outcomes fit into your long term goals?
  5. Briefly discuss the academic components from your placement that you expect to submit to your academic advisor. Usually this will be a reflective learning journal.
  6. If you have other ideas for your academic work, please discuss these with your advisor or the Director of PACS prior to submitting your proposal.
  7. What do you expect your living situation to be like?
  8. What costs will be involved? If you are planning to apply to PACS for financial aid for your Internship, submit a budget outlining the costs you expect to incur. 
  9. List a preliminary bibliography of materials (books, websites, journal articles) you will read that will help you prepare for this experience.
  10. Include a copy of your acceptance letter from the host agency confirming your participation as an intern with their organization.

Proposal deadlines are as follows:

  • Field Studies beginning in the following winter (January) term - October 30
  • Field Studies beginning in the following spring (May) term - March 1
  • Field Studies beginning in the following fall (September) term - June 30

Once approved, you will continue to work with Rachel Anderson, Internship Coordinator who will help to clarify the academic work and will be available to you throughout their placement. They may complete an Agreement on Academic Requirements (PDF) with you.