Adjunct Instructor

Mary Lou KlassenMary Lou has been involved in the PACS program for a number of years. Having obtained her BA in Religious Studies with a PACS option, she completed her Master’s of Theological Studies from Conrad Grebel in 2010. She also worked in administration of the PACS office for eight years. While she knows some of the ins and outs of the PACS program, her true experience lies in her work for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). Mary Lou worked with MCC in Africa for sixteen years, seven of which were in Uganda and the others in both Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her work primarily focused on peacebuilding, communications, and administration.

After working with MCC, teaching has become a second career. Since 2011, she has taught courses at Conrad Grebel; her specializations are PACS 311: Doing Development – Issues of Justice and Peace and PACS 101: Peace is Everybody’s Business. Through her experiences with MCC, Mary Lou is able to explain and contribute her lived experiences to examine practical aspects of conflict transformation. She gladly passes her knowledge and experiences on to students.


Courses Taught:

  • PACS 101: Peace is Everybody's Business
  • PACS 311: Doing Development - Issues of Justice and Peace
University of Waterloo

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