Adjunct Instructor

Matthew Bailey-Dick

Having obtained both a BA and an MA in PACS, Matthew is currently working toward a PhD in Adult Education and Community Development (University of Toronto). In addition to this, he has undergone both crisis intervention training and mediation training. He is also a member of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), an organization that sends violence-reduction teams into conflict zones such as Colombia and Palestine. Matthew has worked with CPT in Iraq, Chiapas (Mexico), and Burnt Church (NB), as well as attended various events in Ontario in solidarity with First Nations communities.

                Matthew’s research interests include adult education, critical pedagogy, death education, Christian peacemaking, and the spirituality of nonviolence. As for hobbies, Matthew enjoys family history, playing and listening to music, as well as volunteering at a local hospice organization.


Courses Taught:

  • PACS 203/HIST 232 A History of Peace Movements
  • PACS 320/RS 256 Christian Approaches to Peacemaking
University of Waterloo

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