Adjunct Instructor

Sue GallagherSue Gallagher has been a professional social worker for over 30 years. Having achieved her MSW at Wilfrid Laurier University, Sue now balances teaching with continued regular clinical practice in social work. Her focus is on interpersonal violence and trauma. She works in counseling practice at Cardinal Counseling and Mediation and teaches at a variety of universities specializing in trauma and mental health, teaching about trauma and mental health.

She deeply enjoys teaching, recognizing a reciprocal component in it. She is energized and learning from students as well. Her strong interactions with students help her to become a better clinical practitioner, keeping her up to date on current issues affecting students and young people. In turn, her continuous clinical practice make her a stronger teacher. Being a stronger teacher, she is better able to foster important, positive interactions with her students. This is a deeply holistic approach to teaching and practicing in the field of social work that is recognized by students. Sue is recognized by students as being one of the most open, experienced, knowledgeable, and understanding professors in the entire PACS program.


Courses Taught

  • PACS¬†331: Trauma, Healing, and Conflict Resolution
University of Waterloo

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