Support student experiential learning opportunities through our Student Success Fund

The Student Success Fund covers or subsidizes the costs of many activities, including allowing PharmD and graduate students to explore learning opportunities in northern, remote or international communities.

Currently the cost for travel and accommodation is prohibitive for some. We would like to extend these opportunities and ensure that they are accessible for all interested students.

Your contribution will help encourage and support students to embrace these transformational learning opportunities.

Meet our challenge donor

Andrea Edginton

Hallman Director Andrea Edginton is matching donations up to $2,000 on Giving Tuesday, Nov 29, 2022

"I’m donating to the Student Success Fund because I see great value in these unique experiential learning opportunities. My goal is to ensure that pharmacy students who are interested in learning and working with communities in the north, remote regions, or internationally have the chance to do so. Please join me as we support the research and healthcare leaders of tomorrow."

- Andrea Edginton, Hallman Director


"International experiences give the students the opportunity to see how other countries practice pharmacy. Canada is after all one of the most diverse multicultural countries in the world so this experience is invaluable!"

- Anthony Miller, Experiential Learning Coordinator/Instructor at the Waterloo School of Pharmacy