In 2019 the School of Pharmacy will be undergoing a planning process to develop the Strategic Plan for 2020-2025.

The Strategic Planning Commitee will guide the School through the process of:

  • Assessing the School of Pharmacy's current mission, vision and values
  • Developing high-level strategic priority areas (to be developed prior to the strategic planning retreat in May 2019)
  • Participating in post-retreat development of strategic initiatives
  • Providing review and input into draft and final strategic plan

The following depicts the timeline for the planning process:

 Develop implementation/operational plan (executive committee).

Read the School's previous strategic plan summary for 2014-2018 (PDF) .University of Waterloo School of Phamracy Strategic Plan Summary 2014-2018 . A pharmacy school like no other. University of Waterloo Faculty of Science School of Pharmacy. A photo of the pharmacy school.The current stragtegic planning process will be guided by the Strategic Planning Committee which includes:


Where are we now?

Magnifying glass

We are currently in the environmental scan phase:

  • Conducting surveys and focus groups with key stakeholders, both internal (students, faculty and staff) and external (alumni, other UW faculty and staff, pharmacy practice community, scientific community, government, professional organizations, etc.)
  • Diana Royce will prepare and analyze surveys of students, faculty and staff and conduct telephone interviews with key informants

    Strategic Planning Bulletin

    The environment scan is currently underway. Updates about the strategic planning process will be posted here throughout 2019.

    January 22: Bulletin 1

    The School of Pharmacy is undergoing a planning process to develop the School’s Strategic Plan: 2020-2025. You will receive updates on the planning process throughout 2019, and updates and other information about the process can be found on the... Read the rest of Bulletin 1.

    April 18: Bulletin 2

    April 18, 2019: Bulletin 2

    We are approaching the close of the first phase of the strategic planning process: the Strategic Planning Committee has reviewed the current mission, vision and values; conducted the environmental scan; and is developing draft strategic priorities. We are preparing for the Strategic Planning Retreat on May 1... Read the rest of Bulletin 2.