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If you are a graduate student looking to pair your ideas with that of a major company, then the Mitacs-Accelerate program is for you!

As an intern in the program, you will spend half your time with the industry partner, and the the rest of the time at the University with a faculty supervisor. See Mitac's program guide for complete details.

Applications are accepted anytime.

To find out more about this graduate research internship, please visit the Mitacs-Accelerate website.

Connect Canada

Connect Canada aims to connect graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with research placements in industry in order to help tackle relevant R&D issues. To see an overview of the program, please visit the Connect Canada website.

Students will spend approximately 50 percent of the time with the industry partner and the rest of the time at their home university. Interns will receive up to $10,000 for their involvement in the program. To learn more about eligibility and benefits, please visit Why Participate?