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Pharmacy Graduate Association

The Pharmacy Graduate Association (PhGA) is a volunteer, student-run, not-for-profit association that was established in early Spring 2011 with the School of Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Grad Association logo which reads "PHGA, Pharmacy Graduate Association"
The primary objective of the PhGA is to represent the graduate student body at the School of Pharmacy in on- and off-campus meetings, affairs and events, and to provide the student body with a memorable and fun research experience. 
Our satellite Pharmacy Campus houses multi-disciplinary clinical and basic research science graduate students at the MSc and PhD level conducting a wide array of research projects encompassing nano-technology, pharmaceutical chemistry, molecular biology, computational and bio-organic techniques. 
The inclusion of our new recently approved PhD program marks an exciting milestone for expanding the UW School of Pharmacy's diversity. The PhGA fully represents EACH and EVERY graduate student affiliated with the School of Pharmacy.

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  • The Council and Constitution section of our website identifies the current PhGA council.
  • The Clubs and Services section describes some of the ongoing graduate student initiatives and resources available to students
  • The Events page directs students to information about upcoming events and shares highlights from past events
  • The Contact Us page provides general contact information for PhGA