English Academic Requirement

The following are considerations for prospective applicants when choosing a course to fulfill the English academic requirement for admission. The course must:

  • be offered by the English Department (with rare exceptions)
  • require a significant amount of reading, critical thinking, analysis, and writing
  • have writing assignments, exclusive of exams, that comprise a minimum of 30% of the final course grade

Courses that are focused on drama, social media, technical report writing and other such content will not be accepted.

If in doubt about the acceptability of a specific course, applicants are encouraged to email the course syllabus to us for confirmation.

Courses at the University of Waterloo that would satisfy this admission requirement include: ENGL 101A, ENGL 101B, ENGL 108A, ENGL 108E, ENGL 108FENGL 108H, ENGL 108M, ENGL 109, ENGL/EMLS 129R, ENGL 190, ENGL 208C, SCCOM 100 and ENGL 193/SPCOM 193.

High school English courses (such as IB, AP or British A-level) cannot be used to satisfy this requirement, but instead may be used to fulfil one of the four half-credit Social Science/Humanities requirements.

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