Are you eligible for CAP Status?

Here is a checklist of items that will allow you to self-assess whether you are eligible, or likely to be eligible, for the awarding of CAP status:

  • ≥ 90.0% high school admission average, as calculated for the Faculty of Science at Waterloo. This average is based on the student’s top six grades, including required courses for admission to the Faculty of Science, using the best available grade information at the time the interview offers are released.
  • Have completed, or are registered to take this academic year, the courses required for admission to the Faculty of Science: Grade 12 U English (ENG4U), Grade 12 U Advanced Functions, Grade 12 U Calculus and Vectors, and any 2 of the following Grade 12 U courses: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, Mathematics of Data Management, Physics; and any other Grade 12 U or M course.
  • Demonstrated leadership.
  • Community involvement through volunteering and other efforts.
  • Work experience (preferred qualification, not absolutely required).
  • Interest in the profession of Pharmacy – you will need to write about this interest in a short personal statement that is part of the CAP application process (a section within the CAP Admission Information Form, or AIF). 
  • Willing to provide two letters of reference: one academic (teacher, principal, guidance counselor); one from employer or volunteer agency.

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