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The School of Pharmacy was designed to be different. Situated in the Kitchener Innovation District, the School of Pharmacy is Canada’s most innovative pharmacy school; we develop pharmacists, scientists, and healthcare leaders through a strategic integration of experiential learning, impact-driven research, entrepreneurship, teaching and academic excellence.

Born out of collaborative partnerships and rooted in community, we build connections, solve real-world challenges, and actively engage the diverse communities we serve.

Students in our graduate programs have the opportunity to learn the latest research methods in our state-of-the-art facilities, and benefit from the mentorship of faculty members who are leading change for a healthier world by engaging in exciting new research to address questions that span fields ranging from cellular physiology, to drug development and delivery, to clinical studies investigating how to optimize medication use in various patient populations.

Select the program that is right for you!

MSc and PhD in Pharmacy

Are you interested in a research-based career in academia or industry? If so, then our Master of Science (MSc) in Pharmacy or our Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmacy programs might be right for you.

The MSc and PhD in Pharmacy programs at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy are academic graduate programs that empower the understanding and application of scientific concepts, collaborative discovery, and leading-edge research.

Through research-intensive and thesis-based study, our MSc and PhD programs educate graduates who will make significant contributions to global scientific, academic, and healthcare communities with careers in research, within pharmaceutical companies, academia, government, and more.

MPharm in Advanced Pharmacy Practice

Are you a pharmacist who is interested in furthering your career and becoming a leader in the profession? If so, then our Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) in Advanced Pharmacy Practice is the program for you. 

The objective of the MPharm program is to develop advanced pharmacist practitioners with enhanced clinical, research and teaching skills, positioning them to become leaders in pharmacy practice. Graduates of the program will be equipped to manage complex patients or complex drug therapies in specialized patient populations and utilize critical judgment and critical appraisal of evidence and treatment goals and may serve as educators in classroom and clinical settings, or as researchers contributing to the generation and transfer of knowledge related to the optimal use of medications.

Want to become a pharmacist?

Our MSc, PhD and MPharm programs do not qualify graduates to practice Pharmacy in Canada: The MSc and PhD programs are academic programs; the MPharm program is an advanced professional degree program for pharmacists that requires students to be eligible to practice in Ontario.

If you are not a pharmacist and wish to become one, then our four-year professional program leading to an entry-to-practice Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree is for you.

If you are an internationally trained pharmacist, you can find out how to have your international credentials recognized by contacting the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC).

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