Academic integrity is fundamental to research and education and is important to the University of Waterloo, the School of Pharmacy, and graduate students. Thus, the academic integrity milestone, part of the pharmacy graduate program, requires students to:

  1. Complete the online Graduate Academic Integrity Module (AIM) 
  2. Attend the Faculty of Science Academic Integrity Workshop

Graduate Academic Integrity Module (AIM)

The Graduate AIM is a degree requirement that must be completed by all new graduate students, within the first 8 weeks of their program and is accessed through Waterloo LEARN.   

The purpose of AIM is to give all new graduate students at the University of Waterloo the same, basic understanding of academic integrity. This aggregation of information and resources will help students transition from the expectations of other institutions to the standards of academic integrity at the University of Waterloo.

Faculty of Science Academic Integrity Workshop

This three-hour workshop focuses on plagiarism and the importance of academic integrity. Academic integrity is discussed in relation to both the students’ research and to the undergraduate assignments they evaluate as part of their TA responsibilities. This workshop is run in both the Fall and Winter terms and is announced via uwaterloo email, by the Science Graduate Administrator.