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Graduate awards

Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs awards

The Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs office (GSPA) works closely with the faculties, academic departments, the Office of Development and external agencies to develop and promote competitive-based scholarships and awards.

Awards are searchable via the graduate funding and awards database and additional information is available on the graduate studies awards and funding web page.

Awards that Pharmacy students have applied for/held:

In Pharmacy, the President's Graduate Scholarship (PGS) department match is funded through TAs (60 hours per term). If a student does not accept a TA position, they forfeit the department PGS match funding; those who do accept a TA position are also eligible for the Science Graduate Experience Award (SGEA).   

Awards that are specific to Pharmacy graduate students:  

*To be eligible, candidates must also apply to the Graduate Studies Research Travel Assistantship

**Contact the administrative coordinator for graduate studies and research for more information about the AFPC awards.

Waterloo Pharmacy graduate awards

Annual student prizes are awarded each year in the winter term to selected Waterloo Pharmacy graduate students in recognition of excellent performance during the previous (fiscal) year (i.e. spring/fall/winter).

Recipients receive a $200 cash prize, an engraved plaque, and have their names engraved on the School's corresponding historical display plaque. Awards are given for the following:

The School of Pharmacy also recognizes an Outstanding Faculty Mentor in the Graduate Program with an annual honorary award. Contact the administrative coordinator for graduate studies if you would like to nominate a faculty member for this award.