Funding for Pharmacy MSc and PhD Students

The School of Pharmacy guarantees a minimum amount of financial support to eligible graduate students in our MSc and PhD programs that is equal to or greater than the University of Waterloo minimum funding amounts. To be eligible for this funding, students must:

  • maintain full time registration in the MSc in Pharmacy or PhD in Pharmacy program
  • be in good academic standing in their program
  • be within program time limits
  • not have alternate funding sources such as graduate scholarships, internships, or international student sponsorship 

Students should use this funding to arrange their fees; any remaining funds are paid to the student, to be used toward their living expenses. 

Students in professional degree programs, such as the MPharm program, are not provided with funding and are instead self-funded. MPharm students are encouraged to apply for any internal or external scholarships for which they may be eligible and should use the graduate student funding and awards database to explore options.

Funding sources

At the School of Pharmacy, minimum funding is comprised from various sources. Details about the sources of funding are outlined in the following sections: