Teaching assistantships and proctoring

The teaching assistantship (TA) is a paid position whereby students are employees of the University, under the supervision of the course instructor, according to Policy 30-Employment of graduate student teaching assistants.    

TAs offset the Graduate Research Studentship (GRS) funding amounts paid by supervisors and are an important part of the graduate student experience. TAs enhance students' CVs and contribute to students' eligibility for major funding and school awards. 

The pay rate for TA positions is set by the Finance Office.

Eligible pharmacy students receive a TA salary of up to $6,100.00 per year* as part of their minimum funding package (as specified in the offer of admission). TAs are expected to be available to proctor midterm and final exams as part of their responsibilities.

*Amount based on 2020-2021 hourly TA pay rate and is subject to deductions as required by law.