Naloxone and opioid resources

The following resources have been developed by Ashley Cid (PharmD), Prof. Michael Beazely, Prof. Kelly Grindrod and Alec Patten, biology student. They are available for use by health-care providers, service providers, patients and community members.

Naloxone and health-care practice infographics


Pharmacist quote videos

How do you increase your comfort with dispensing naloxone to patients?

How have you adapted to optimize naloxone distribution to patients?


Naloxone save lives: how health-care practitioners can optimize naloxone distribution


Below is a presentation by Prof. Kelly Grindrod on Opioids and Naloxone. Professor Grindrod's slides can be used in training efforts, with credit to the author.

The Ontario government maintains a website of locations that provide free naloxone kits: see their Naloxone kit website.

General naloxone resources