Waterloo Pharmacy welcomes Samantha Yau, new team of Regional Clinical Coordinators

Monday, July 7, 2014

Professionals providing students with rewarding patient care rotations

The University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy is Canada’s newest pharmacy school, but its roots in innovative experience-based education are firmly established.

It began with the Waterloo Pharmacy co-operative education program, the first and only co-op pharmacy program in Canada, which provides students with 48 weeks of practice-based education to connect what’s taught in the classroom with real-world experiences.

Innovation in experiential learning is extending further with the launch of the School’s four-year Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree, an entry-to-practice program that provides students with advanced clinical training to prepare them for an expanded role in patient care.

“An integral component of our new PharmD program is the series of three eight-week patient care rotations that students will complete during the last eight months of the program,” said Dr. Nancy Waite, Associate Director of Practice-Based Education and Professional Outreach and the Ontario College of Pharmacists Professor in Pharmacy Innovation.

“We are pleased to announce that Samantha Yau has joined the School of Pharmacy as the Experiential Coordinator and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor to implement and manage these patient care rotations. She brings over 10 years of hospital pharmacy practice, management and teaching experience to the position,” Dr. Waite said.

Ms Yau works with a team of 14 Regional Clinical Coordinators, pharmacists based in communities across Ontario, who have also recently joined the School of Pharmacy. The Regional Clinical Coordinators in turn recruit and liaise with preceptors, practising pharmacists who mentor students during their patient care rotations across a variety of healthcare settings — hospitals, long-term care facilities, community pharmacies, and family health teams.

“By being placed in a community for their rotations, Waterloo’s PharmD students will not only become familiar with the region’s healthcare system, but they will also learn and grow professionally as they build upon their knowledge, skills and values to graduate from the program as experts in medication therapy management,” Ms Yau said.

To find out more about patient care rotations, please contact Samantha Yau.

If you would like to know more about our regions, their clinical coordinators and opportunities to become a preceptor, please contact the individuals below.

Regional Clinical Coordinators

Region 1: Windsor, Heather Foley

Region 2: London, Dave Knoppert

Region 3: Hamilton and Brantford, Jane Bowles-Jordan

Region 4: Kitchener-Waterloo, Anthony Miller and Samantha Yau

Region 5: Niagara, Donnie Edwards

Region 6: Toronto, Rose Patodia

Region 7: Owen Sound, Stephan Sadikian

Region 8: Oshawa, Doug Brown

Region 9: Kingston and Belleville, Peet de Villiers

Region 10: Ottawa and Brockville, Jason Wentzell

Region 11: Barrie and Hunstville, Noëlla Robert-Kappel

Region 12: Sudbury, Kaitlin Bynkoski

Region 13: Sault Ste. Marie, Carla Deluco

Region 14: Thunder Bay, Courtney Forbes

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Regional Clinical Coordinator map

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