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Dr. Kelly Grindrod

Assistant Professor

Kelly Grindrod.Dr. Grindrod's research interests include the role web technologies play in the delivery of primary care services. She is currently examining the use of social media in community-based pharmacy practice. She is also interested in how community-based health professionals’ perceive electronic interventions for modifying prescribing (e.g., internet-based academic detailing).

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Major Department Affiliation: School of Pharmacy

Dr. Grindrod also holds cross-appointments with the School of Public Health & Health Systems at the University of Waterloo.


BSc Pharmacy (University of Alberta)

MSc Pharmacy (University of British Columbia)

PharmD (University of British Columbia)

Postdoctoral Fellowship (University of British Columbia)

Courses Taught

PHARM 428 Professional Practice 4

Scholarly and Professional Activities

Dr. Grindrod works closely with Dr. Susan Leat at the School of Optometry (UW) and Dr. Lisa Dolovich at McMaster University's Department of Family Medicine to build a vision screening mobile application for community pharmacies. Nationally, she works with the BC Ministry of Health's Pharmaceutical Services Division to evaluate a province-wide, pharmacist-run academic detailing program for family physicians. She has recently undertaken a collaboration with Dr. France Légaré at the Université Laval as part of a national team studying knowledge translation in primary care.

Research Interests

Clinical and Post-Marketing Phases of Medication Use

Dr. Grindrod's research goal is to use the best available evidence to guide medication use in primary care, and her research focuses on the potential for emerging technologies to improve medication use in the community, including smart phones and social media platforms. Another focus is the influence of health policy on medication use in the community, including changes to remuneration programs and formularies. Currently, Dr. Grindrod’s is studying the use of mobile apps in Canadians over age 55 and social media use across the profession of pharmacy.

Selected Publications

Grindrod KA, Gates A, Dolovich L, Slavcev R, Drimmie R, Aghaei B, Poon C, Khan S, Leat S, . ClereMed: Lessons learned from a pilot study of a mobile screening tool to identify and support adults who have difficulty with medication labels. JMIR mHealth uHealth 2014; 2(3):e35. [Journal] [Pubmed]

Grindrod KA, Li M, Gates A. Evaluating the perceptions of mobile medication management applications with adults 50 and older. JMIR mHealth uHealth 2014; 2(1): doi:10.2196/mhealth.3048. [Journal] [Pubmed]

Houle S, Grindrod K, Chatterly T, Tsuyuki RT. Paying pharmacists for patient care: a systematic review of remunerated pharmacy clinical care services. Can Pharm J 2014; 4:209-232. [Journal]

Houle S, Grindrod K, Chatterly T, Tsuyuki RT. Publicly funded remuneration for the administration of injections by pharmacists: An international review. Can Pharm J 2013; 146(6):353-64. doi: 10.1177/1715163513506369. [PubMed]

Marra CA, Grubisic M, Cibere J, Grindrod KA, Woolcott JC, Gastonguay L, Esdaile JM. Cost-utility analysis of a multidisciplinary strategy to manage osteoarthritis of the knee: economic evaluation of the PhiT-OA study. Arthritis Care Res 2013. doi: 10.1002/acr.22232. [PubMed]

Grindrod K, Forgione A, Tsuyuki R, Gavura S, Giustini D. Pharmacy 2.0: A scoping review of social media use in the profession. Res Soc Admin Pharm 2013; 10(1): 256-70. ePud doi: 10.1016/. [PubMed]

Grindrod K. How the threat of antibiotic apocalypse helped a pharmacist find her voice. Can Pharm J 2013; 146:151-154. [PubMed]

Grindrod K, Rahman I, Roy M, Sanghera N, Tritt M. Living MedsCheck. Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2013; 146(1): 33-38. [PubMed] [Link to original student weblog here]

Marra C, Cibere J, Grubisic M, Grindrod K, Gastonguay L, Thomas J, Embley P, Colley L, Tsuyuki R, Kkan K, Esdaile J. Pharmacist initiated intervention trial in osteoarthritis (PhIT-OA): a multidisciplinary intervention for knee osteoarthritis. Arthritis Care Res 2012; 64(12):1847. doi: 10.1002/acr.21763. [PubMed]

Marra CA, Lynd LD, Grindrod KA, Joshi P, Isakovic A. Evaluating the labour costs associated with pharmacy adaptation services in British Columbia. Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2012; 145:2:78-82. [PubMed]  *Awarded “Paper of the Year” award at the Canadian Pharmacists Association annual conference 2013.

Menear M, Grindrod K, Clouston, K, Legarae F, Norton P. Advancing knowledge translation in primary care. Canadian Family Physician 2012; 58:623-7. [PubMed]

Grindrod K, Lynd L, Joshi P, Rosenthal M, Isakovic A, Marra C. Pharmacy owner and manager perceptions of pharmacy adaptation services in British Columbia. Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2011; 144:231-5.  [Can Pharm J]

Heinrich N, Joshi P, Grindrod K, Lynd L, Marra C. Family physicians’ perceptions of pharmacy adaptation services in British Columbia. Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2011; 144(4): 172-8. [PubMed]

Grindrod K, Gavura S. Pharmacy 2.0. Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2010; 143(3):122-5. {Can Pharm J]

Grindrod KA, Marra CA, Colley L, Tsuyuki RT, Lynd LD. Pharmacists’ preferences for providing patient-centered services: a discrete choice experiment to guide health policy. Ann Pharmacother 2010;44(10):1554-64. [PubMed]

Grindrod KA, Marra C, Colley L, Cibere J, Tsuyuki R, Esdaile J, Gastonguay L, Kopec J. After people are diagnosed with knee OA, what do they do? Arthritis Care Res 2010; 62(4): 510-5. [PubMed]

Rosenthal M, Grindrod KA, Lynd L, Marra C, Bougher D, Wilgosh C, Tsuyuki R. Pharmacists’ perspectives on providing chronic disease management services in the community – Part II: Development and implementation of services. Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2009; 142(6): 284-9. [Can Pharm J]

Grindrod KA, Rosenthal M, Lynd L, Marra C, Bougher D, Wilgosh C, Tsuyuki R. Pharmacists’ perspectives on providing chronic disease management services in the community – Part I: Current practice environment. Canadian Pharmacists Journal 2009; 142(5): 234-9. [Can Pharm J]

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