Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) gift to create professorship in Pharmacy innovation

At the conclusion of the White Coat Ceremony on January 5, 2012, David Edwards, Hallman Director, School of Pharmacy announced a $600,000 gift from the Ontario College of Pharmacists. The generous gift will be used to create The Ontario College of Pharmacists Professorship in Pharmacy Innovation. It is intended that the holder of this prestigious honour will provide leadership within the School of Pharmacy in educational and research initiatives. The OCP Professor will apply expertise in curricular development, delivery and assessment to ensure a curriculum that produces pharmacists who will not only flourish in their professional environment but will also function well during periods of transition and ultimately lead change in their profession. As well the OCP Professor will provide leadership to faculty members at the university who are engaged in practice-based research that explores new practice models for pharmacy, new care delivery methods including the use of social media and technology, and evaluates the clinical and economic outcomes related to the provision of medication management services by pharmacists.

The Ontario College of Pharmacists (OCP) is the registering and regulating body for pharmacy practice in Ontario whose stated goal is “to support and enable our members to use their professional skills, knowledge and judgment in an integrated, evidence-based, patient-centered, outcome-focused health care system which will contribute to improving the health of our population.”

OCP gift announcement

Marshall Moleschi, Registrar,OCP joined Dr. Edwards to announce Nancy Waite as the first holder of the OCP Professorship in Pharmacy Innovation at the University of Waterloo.

How you can contribute

  • Make a gift to the Dr. Charles (Charlie) Bayliff Memorial Scholarship.