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PharmD Bridging Program application details

The School of Pharmacy’s Admission Committee has confirmed the following steps for Waterloo Pharmacy alumni interested in applying for the PharmD Bridging Program:

  1. Potential students will be asked to first complete a self-assessment questionnaire.
  2. Interested students (alumni) will then apply for re-admission (PDF) to the University of Waterloo (since you have previously been admitted to the University). Applications are now being accepted. There is no fee for applying for re-admission.
  3. All Waterloo School of Pharmacy alumni are eligible for the PharmD Bridging Program; however, as class sizes are limited, some prioritization of registration may be required, depending on the number of applications received for any given term.
  4. The Admissions Committee will make any decisions regarding re-admission applications.

Admissions process – Frequently asked questions

Last updated: April 24, 2017

How do I apply?

  1. Download an “Application for Undergraduate Re-admission (PDF)” form. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.
  2. Fill out page 1 completely; sign at the bottom of page 1. You will need your Waterloo student identification #. Please note that your intended plan is Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Bridging Program – PHARMBR and that this is a part-time, online program.
  3. Fill out Section E on page 2, listing PHARM 495 and 496, in your order of preference for your first academic term (for our information); Please include your provincial or state registration or licensure number; sign page 2. Review the sample PDF form - Sample Application for PHARMBR Re-admission.
  4. Note the deadline for the final entry point for the program (Fall 2017) is July 1, 2017.
  5. Return completed forms to Ken Potvin, Director of Admissions, Professional Relations and Undergraduate Affairs at
  6. It is recommended to use your email address when submitting your application and corresponding with the University.
  7. Any questions should be directed to

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When should I apply?

The next deadline (for Fall 2017 re-admission) is July 1, 2017Remember that this will be last opportunity for enrolment in the program. 
N.B. Those who have already applied do not need to re-apply.

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What happens if the number of applications received exceeds the number of places available for a given term?

N.B. If the number of applications exceeds course capacities for the final term of entry (Fall 2017), please see details - Fall 2017 admission.

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What factors will be considered by the Admissions Committee in making re-admission decisions?

In order of priority:

  1. No previous withdrawal from the Bridging Program, after enrolling in a course. [Students who accept an offer of admission to the Bridging Program and then subsequently withdraw from the entire program (i.e. submit an Undergraduate Notice of Withdrawal form) after the start of the academic term to which they were admitted, will only be considered for future readmission if there is remaining capacity after all other applications have been addressed. That is, all those who are applying for readmission for the first time will have priority over repeat applicants, regardless of their graduation cohort or date of submission of their second application.]
  2. Year of graduation (Rx 2011 having top priority and subsequent classes following in order, i.e. Rx 2011 > Rx 2012 > Rx 2013 > Rx 2014).
  3. Date of receipt of application.
  4. Registered to practise in a North American jurisdiction. 
    Registration information to be included on the Application for Re-Admission form at the time of submission.

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How do I decide which course to take first?

PHARM 495 and PHARM 496 are the first two courses in the Bridging Program.  Either one can be taken as your first course in the program.   A course comparison can be found in the PHARM 495 and PHARM 496 FAQ.

PHARM 496 includes a mandatory practical workshop over one weekend.  The dates and locations for upcoming workshops are available in the PHARM 495 and PHARM 496 FAQ.

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Where can I find information about tuition and OSAP?

Information about tuition and OSAP eligibility is available in the general FAQ.

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Where can I find more information about the Bridging Program?

For information about the online courses, check the PHARM 495 & 496 FAQ.

For information about the rotations, check the Clinical Rotation FAQ.

For all other information, check the general FAQ.

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If you have any questions about our PharmD Bridging Program, please contact us.

General inquiries or admissions:
Rosemary Killeen,
Director, Distance Education and Continuing Professional Development

Clinical rotations: