10th anniversary resources and tools

The School of Pharmacy has developed a suite of tools to support celebrations of the 10th anniversary. 

Logo and slogan graphic

The School of Pharmacy 10th anniversary logo is a commemorative mark to use during our 10th anniversary year. You can apply it to materials that will be distributed in 2018.

There are two versions:

  • Logo: includes 'School of Pharmacy University of Waterloo.' Use when your document does not indicate UW in any other location.
  • Slogan: includes the 10th anniversary slogan 'Bold start, bright future.' Use when your document already indicates UW in some way.

The logo and slogan are provided as .PNG files in three colour options. The red version is the preferred version. Download University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy 10th anniversary logo and slogan (.zip). Below you can also download a version of the slogan customized for email signatures.

10 years School of Pharmacy University of Waterloo10 years. Bold start, bright future.

10 years School of Pharmacy University of Waterloo10 years. Bold start, bright future.

10 years. School of Pharmacy. University of Waterloo.

10 years. Bold start. Bright future

Event resources

The School has other resources such as zap banners that can be used to add a 10th anniversary flair to events. Email ahrigby@uwaterloo.ca for more information about using these resources.

Fast facts

The following facts can be used in presentations and speaking remarks throughout 2018 - they represent data as of January 2018.

  • Canada’s only co-op based Doctor of Pharmacy degree program
  • 100% of students get pharmacy-related co-op jobs
  • Over 1,000+ co-op employers
  • 3,500+ co-op jobs filled since program began
  • PharmD students receive 6 months of supervised clinical training in 4th year
  • 13M+ in research grants and contracts received by faculty
  • 38 graduate students
  • 766 alumni
  • 60+ faculty and staff
  • 476 students enrolled in the PharmD program
  • 120 students enrolled in the PharmD Bridging Program

  • 111 PharmD Bridging Program students who have graduated or met all degree requirements