Waterloo Pharmacy recognizes dedicated admissions interviewers

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kim Chvala, Raymond Lam and Avirl Hulbert

Interviewers at this year’s spring admissions being recognized for their contributions. Left to Right: Kim Chvala (5 years), Raymond Lam (10 years), and Avril Hulbert (5 years). The following interviewers were also recognized at this year’s admissions but were absent: Shannon Hart (5 years) and Francesca Rossi (10 years).

2018 marks Waterloo Pharmacy’s 10th anniversary. In those ten years, the School has grown from the 90 members of the vanguard class to 766 alumni and 476 PharmD students: this would not be possible without the support of our dedicated admissions interviewers.

“Waterloo Pharmacy began with a different approach to selecting our students,” explains Ken Potvin, the School’s Director of Admissions, Professional Relations, and Undergraduate Affairs since day one. “We require a base level of academic competence and then focus on other criteria – communication skills, passion, knowledge of and commitment to a career in pharmacy.”

To determine if applicants possess these qualities, structured interviews with practicing pharmacists are a core part of the application process. Applicants are invited to interview with a panel of three people -  two practicing pharmacists and one current pharmacy student. With hundreds of applicants each year, our program leans heavily on the local pharmacy community to run these interviews.

“Though academic requirements have changed over the years, the structure of our admissions process has remained relatively constant because it has proven to be highly successful,” says Potvin. “The interviews enable us to see communication skills in action, and we would not consistently admit such high calibre pharmacy students if it weren’t for the judgement and expertise of our interviewers.”

The School recently completed interviews for the 12th cohort of pharmacy students. Each year during admissions interviews, Potvin and his team take time to recognize the contributions of pharmacists who volunteer to be interviewers. This year, Raymond Lam and Francesca Rossi were recognized for having interviewed in 10 admissions cycles for Waterloo Pharmacy. Anne Marie Bombassaro and Vida Stankus were recognized in 2017 for the same.

“Thank you to all the pharmacists who dedicate time to helping us admit superb students year after year,” says Hallman Director David Edwards. “Your time and efforts ensure that our students are second to none.”

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