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Philosophy addresses some of the most fundamental and difficult questions there are, such as: What is the nature of the human mind? What makes knowledge trustworthy? What are the standards of good reasoning? What is a just society? What is the best way to live? Philosophy as an academic discipline attempts to answer these questions with a combination of creativity and analytical rigor.

  1. Nov. 30, 2016Closing the gap between science and society

    Professor Heather Douglas has been named a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Read about her nomination and her work on the relationship between science and society here.

  2. Oct. 28, 2016Anyone can learn a little quantum

    The Imprint recently published an article, "Anyone Can Learn a Little Quantum," on our course Quantum Mechanics for Everyone.

  3. Oct. 3, 2016Philosophy Prof. Heather Douglas tells CBC how the public can push science innovation

    Philosophy Prof. Heather Douglas tells CBC how the public can push science innovation.

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  1. Mar. 4–5, 2017Pragmatism and Phenomenology: A Two Day Workshop (Part Deux)

    This two-day workshop is a follow-up to the April 2016 Pragmatism and Phenomenology workshop at King's University College in London, Ontario. Like its predecessor, this workshop presents an opportunity for scholars from both phenomenology and pragmatism to engage in a sustained discussion on topics relevant to both groups.

  2. Mar. 9–10, 2017Annual PGSA Conference

    Philosophy Graduate Student Conference 

    The PGSA (Philosophy Graduate Student Association) will hold their 24th annual conference on March 9 & 10, 2017. Dr. Mazviita Chirimuuta (University of Pittsburgh) will deliver the keynote address.

  3. Mar. 17, 2017Dr. Heidi Grasswick: What's in a Name? Feminist Epistemology as Social EpistemologyList of talks to be given by Dr. Heidi Grasswick

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