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Janet Michaud portrait

Janet Michaud

Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS) 

I’m thrilled to have won a CGS award to support my PhD research! The award will allow me to focus on my dissertation project on facilitating and improving two-way methods of communication between scientific communities and relevant publics. I’d like to thank all of those who helped with my many, many drafts, and a special thanks to John Turri, Katie Plaisance, and Carla Fehr for their help and support.--Janet Michaud


A. Keefner portrait

Ashley Keefner

Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS)

The CGS will support my doctoral research on the abilities of animals, both human and non-human, to represent and reason about the mental states of conspecifics. I’m grateful to have won a CGS as it has allowed me to focus more directly on my research. Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on my many drafts, and special thanks to Paul Thagard for his help and guidance.--Ashley Keefner

Sara Weaver portrait

Sara Weaver

Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS)

The award came as a wonderful surprise and I feel so honored to have my work recognized like this. The scholarship will be an immense help in my studies both in terms of the travel expenses it will help cover and in terms of the extra time I may now have to invest in my research. It is also so thrilling to me to have my proposed thesis, which is a project dear to my heart, be noticed as so worthwhile. A big THANK YOU goes out to Carla Fehr who helped me articulate that proposal in my application!--Sara Weaver


Peter Blouw portrait

Peter Blouw

Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship (CGS)


I'm very grateful to have had the support of a CGS award over the course of my PhD work. The award has given me a considerable amount of freedom to pursue my research on the semantics of natural languages, and I'm excited to be continuing this research as I work towards the completion of my dissertation. I'm also very grateful for the advice I received from the faculty and staff in the department while preparing my application for the CGS.--Peter Blouw