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Friends of the Philosophy Department

Brian Rudrick (Posthumous 1959 - 2013)

Brian F. Rudrick - Friend of Philosophy Department

Dr. Brian F. Rudrick was a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians of Canada and a Pathologist and Laboratory Director for Grey Bruce Health Services when he began taking Waterloo Philosophy courses part-time by Extended Learning in 1996. He completed his Bachelor's degree in 2007. He studied everything from history of philosophy to political philosophy, and from logic to existentialism, while mixing in courses in Sociology, Economics and Mathematics.

Brian was an active supporter of the Department of Philosophy and the University of Waterloo. He was a willing visitor to undergraduate and graduate classes in the Department, giving talks and lectures that demonstrated how the critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills essential to good philosophy are important to decision making in a medical setting. He exemplified what it is to contribute philosophically to professional and public life. His willingness to share his story about the value he found in studying philosophy was of lasting value to the Department. For his generous donation of his time, his financial support of Philosophy education at Waterloo, and his inspiring example of lifelong learning, the Department of Philosophy unanimously voted to recognize Brian F. Rudrick as a Friend of the Philosophy Department. Dr. Rudrick graciously agreed to accept the honour shortly before his sudden and tragic death in March  2013. The Department remembers his friendship with affection and gratitude.

Gerry Remers

Gerry Remers

Gerry Remers received his MA in Philosophy at the University of Waterloo in 1982, completing his thesis (“Edmund Husserl’s Phenomenological Theory of Intersubjectivity”) under the supervision of Professor Richard Holmes.

An early proponent of digital projection technology, Remers's leadership saw first Electrohome and then Christie Digital evolve into a global research and sales leader in the industry. He has always had strong relationships with the University, with the Faculty of Arts, and with the Department of Philosophy, and in 2007 he received a University 50th Anniversary Alumni Award.

In his various public leadership roles, Remers emphasizes the practical relevance of the analytical and communicative skills one acquires through philosophical education, and he illustrates the application of ethical ideals in his work with local charities and educational foundations. He also played an integral role in securing the Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy for the University and for the Department of Philosophy. For his outstanding voluntarism on behalf of the Department and for his history of outreach on behalf of the discipline, the Department is pleased to recognize Gerry Remers as a Friend of the Philosophy Department.

Robert Ewen

Robert Ewen

Robert Ewen came to Waterloo Philosophy from his original program in Engineering. Intrigued with themes in Parmenides, Heraclitus, and Hegel, he graduated with an Honours BA in Philosophy in 1971. With a subsequent MBA in hand, by the late 1970s Ewen was becoming skilled in finance. As a broker and discretionary money manager he has enjoyed great success in the Canadian banking industry.

Ewen is a strong supporter of the universities from which he graduated, and of the Bruce Trail Association (whose 720 kilometres both he and his wife Anita have hiked end-to-end). He continues to bring philosophical reflection to bear on his life and work. On his website, he puts it this way:

Studying Philosophy revealed how I think; Studying Business showed how my competitors think; Within is my evolving process which utilizes this gap.

For his role as a major supporter of the Philosophy’s undergraduate awards program, and for his generosity in consulting with the Department on strategic development goals, we are pleased to recognize Robert Ewen as a Friend of the Philosophy Department.