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Philosophy Graduate Student Association

The University of Waterloo Philosophy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) website provides information on the PGSA to its members, as well as information on the annual PGSA Conference.

2015-2016 PGSA Executive:

Co-Presidents: Dylon McChesney and Adam Mantha
Administrator: Kathryn Morrison
Co-Treasurers: Sandie DeVries and Jamie Sewell
PhD Representative: Jim Jordan
MA Representative: Vanessa Lam
GSA Representative: Phillipe Beriault
Conference Organizers: Phillipe Beriault, Blake Freier, Vanessa Lam

Philosophy Graduate Student Conference 

The PGSA (Philosophy Graduate Student Association) will hold their 24th annual conference on March 9 & 10, 2017. Dr. Mazviita Chirimuuta (University of Pittsburgh) will deliver the keynote address.

List of conference talks:

  • Michael Regier,  University of Windsor, "Rebellious Subjects: Ricoeur and Kierkegaard on Resisting Ideological Identities."
  • Megan Feeney, Rutgers University, "On the Scope of Immediate Perceptual Justification."
  • Jonathan M. Vajda, Western Michigan University, "Berkeley’s Concrete General Ideas and the Problem of Universals."
  • Jared Park, Western Michigan University, "Structural Realism: Metaphysical and Epistemological Problems."
  • Nathaly Garcia, Northern Illinois University, "The Generation of Knowledge and Justification Through Testimony."
  • Daniel DeFranco, Tulane University, "What Can Spinoza Teach Us About the Phantom Limb?"
  • Josie E. Richards, University of Windsor, "The Silencing Effect of Reactionary Rhetoric: Black Lives Matter, No All Lives Matter!"
  • Bowen Chan, University of Toronto, "Creating a Catalogue of Virtues: Humanity, Society, and Taste in Hume’s Moral Philosophy."
  • Jamie Shaw, University of Western Ontario, "An Open Pluralism and its Enemies: Reconsidering Feyerabend’s Anarchism About Science."


Here is a link to some past conference photos and past PGSA conferences and history.