The Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium 2021 features Jenny Saul, Tasneem Alsayyed, and Zainab Ashraf

Monday, June 7, 2021

The Cave Hill Philosophy Symposium, June 16-18, will be at the University of the West Indies in Barbados.  Jenny Saul is doing the keynote ("Saying the Quiet Part Loud: The Rise of Explicit Racism in US and UK Political Discourse"), and two department students are presenting papers that were originally written for Dr. Saul’s “Social Justice and Philosophy of Language” Class!  Tasneem Alsayyed (PhD) is presenting "Hermeneutical Impasses and Heterogeneity in Marginalized Groups", and Zainab Ashraf (UG) is presenting "Rooted in Silence: The Hermeneutical Injustice of the Urdu Word(s) for Rape".

Note that the conference is open to all but folks need to register!