One kind gesture at a time

Monday, April 22, 2019

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Spreading kindness is Vanessa Lam's superpower.  When not in her superhero role, she is also our own UW philosophy graduate student. 

As detailed in a CBC news article last week, Vanessa's handwritten note to a student of hers became a beacon of hope to someone who was in the beginning stages of contemplating suicide.  The note was just what the student needed to know  - that life is more than just the moment we're stuck in.  Vanessa's personal gesture provided hope and kindness at just the right time. 

Vanessa's incredible heart is on display in our department at all times.  Whether she's offering to grab a coffee for you or bringing you a goody box of Easter treats, she has an extraordinary spirit that brings something very special to the department.

Thank you Vanessa!