Science and Values in Peirce and Dewey: A Conference in Honour of Angus Kerr-Lawson

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A conference was held April 25-27, 2016 to honour Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Angus Kerr-Lawson. The conference brought together scholars at the intersection of pragmatism and philosophy of science to consider Peirce’s and Dewey’s contributions to the study of science and values. Over three days, scholars offered individual papers and panel/roundtable discussions devoted to both the role of and relationship between science and values in Peirce and Dewey, and to the ways in which contemporary scholarship on science and values draws, or ought to draw, on the work of these classic American pragmatists. Topics ranged from the role of values in the natural and social sciences to pragmatic approaches to contemporary science policy.

Dr. Catherine Legg (Waikato University, New Zealand) delivered the keynote address at a public lecture on Mon., Apr. 25, 2016. Dr. Heather Douglas (University of Waterloo, Waterloo Chair in Science & Society) gave the closing plenary address on Wed., Apr. 27, 2016.

Conference speakers, session/panel chairs and  organizers

Conference speakers, session/panel chairs and conference organizers

conference attendees

Conference attendees awaiting the next speaker

Shannon Dea introduces Heather Douglas

Shannon Dea introduces the closing plenary speaker Heather Douglas