Spring Convocation 2017 - Congratulations to all of our graduates

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dave and Debbie at Spring Convocation

Dave DeVidi and Debbie Dietrich at Spring Convocation.

The Philosophy Deparment congratulates all students who graduated at the Spring 2017 Convocation this year.

We would especially like to acknowledge Debbie Dietrich, our graduate coordinator, who graduated with an MA in History while keeping our department functioning as efficiently as always.


Ben Nelson, "The Depiction of Unwritten Law"
Ben also completed a Graduate Diploma in Cognitive Science

Cathy Gee, "Authenticity and Enhancement"

Matt and Cathy

Matt Doucet And Cathy Gee


Eric Bohner
Jonathan Simard
Sajad Abdallah
Vanessa Lam


General program - three year
Hiu Ying Mui (Liberal Studies - Philosophy minor, Psychology minor)

General program - four year
Alyson Mackenzie
(Liberal Studies - Philosophy minor, Psychology minor, Cognitive Science minor)
John Paul Lacroix (Philosophy - Religious Studies minor)
Jeffrey Tze Ming Leung (Liberal Studies - Philosophy minor)
Stephen James Werner-Westoby (Liberal Studies - Political Science minor, Philosophy minor)

Honours program
Albert Michael Fledderus
(Philosophy - Political Science minor, Cognitive Science minor)
Charles Kam Hung Lee (Philosophy & Arts and Business)
Cristian Camilo Ospina Piraquive (Philosophy - Digital Arts Communication minor)
Edward Santiago Brown (English Literature - Human Sciences minor, Philosophy minor)
James Michael Cannon (Philosophy)
Jay Paresh Solanki (Psychology & Philosophy)
Jia Xin Weng (Legal Studies & Arts and Business - Economics minor, Cognitive Science minor - Co-operative program)
Joshua Kuehnel (Philosophy)
Joshua Roy Telford (Psychology - Philosophy minor)
Julian Chun-Lung Chow (Philosophy)
Justin Singer (Philosophy)
Maya Wairuri Kijiu (Peace and Conflict Studies & Arts and Business - Philosophy minor, International Studies minor)
Peter Alan Copeland (Philosophy)
Seanna Tebbutt (Philosophy & Religious Studies)
Simon Paul Little (Economics - Philosophy minor)
Stephen Robert Fulford (History and Philosophy)
Victoria Brianna Adrienne Harkes (Pscyhology & Arts and Business - Cognitive Science minor - Co-operative program)
Wang Yu Chan (Psychology - Philosophy minor - Co-operative program)
Willem Pieter Hall (Philosophy - Economics minor)
William Graham Taylor (Psychology - Human Resources Management minor, Philosophy minor)

Dave and Justin

Dave DeVidi and Justin Singer

Congratulations to all of you. We hope the road ahead is filled with excitement and success.