Humphrey professorship

The Humphrey Professorship in Feminist Philosophy is an endowed position that allows a visiting scholar in feminist philosophy to spend a semester in residence at the Philosophy Department every few years.  Each Humphrey Professor offers a series of lectures, teaches a seminar, and mentors graduate and senior undergraduate students.

The Humphrey Professorship was established by Anne (Humphrey) Minas, Professor Emerita of the Department, through an inheritance from her father, Judge Alex Humphrey, and her grandfather, Judge Churchill Humphrey.  Professor Minas made this donation in memory of her parents and grandparents, in gratitude to the University of Waterloo, where she taught from 1966 to 2002, and with the commitment to the flourishing of feminist philosophy at the University of Waterloo.

We have been lucky to host some highly distinguished feminist philosophers, including:

Heidi Grasswick (2017)
Course: Theorizing Power in Knowledge
Public lectures: "Epistemic Autonomy and Trust in a Social World of Knowing"
                       "Trust, Science and Epistemic Injustice"
                       "What's in a Name? Feminist Epistemology as Social Epistemology"

Anita Superson (2013)
Course: Bodily Autonomy
Public lectures: “Moral Bindingness”
                       “The Right to Bodily Autonomy and the Abortion Controversy”
                       “Honky Tonk Women: The Right to Bodily Autonomy and Prostitution”

Ann Garry (2011)
Course: Social Epistemology: Injustice and Epistemologies of Ignorance
Public lectures: “Who is Included?  Intersectionality and the Multiplicity of Gender”
                       “Metaphors of Intersectionality”
                       “Why Distinguish Feminists’ Philosophical Methods? Values and Risks”

Lisa Schwartzman (2010)
Course: Feminism, Liberal Theory and Choice
Public lectures: “Feminism, Choice, and Freedom: The Limitations of Preference-Based Liberalism”
                       “Autonomy and Feminism: Reframing the Debate”
                       “Method, Ideal, or Ideology? A Feminist Examination of Rational Choice Theory”

Janna Thompson (2007)
Course: Communal Allegiances and Feminist Interventions
Public lectures: “Giving the Dead their Due: Justice and Past Generations”
                   “Fair Play Between the Generations: Gratitude and Justice in a Multi-generational Society”
                   “Sustainability and Duties to Future Generations”

Marilyn Frye (2004)
Course: Feminists Theorizing Bodies
Public lectures: “Ignorant Agency: On Not Knowing What You’re Doing”
                       “Category Trouble: Helping Feminist Theory Out of a Bind”

Christine Overall (2003)
Course: Sex and Gender
Public lectures: “Ethics and Increasing Human Longevity”

If you have questions about the Humphrey Professorship, or about supporting philosophy at Waterloo financially, contact Professor Dave DeVidi, Chair of the Department.