Philosophy has long been a central component of a liberal arts education. It is not just inherently interesting; it is a means of acquiring capacities for in-depth reasoning and communication.

Our department carries on teaching and research in many divisions of philosophy. There is an emphasis on interdisciplinary work, integrating the conceptual tools of philosophy with the approaches of many other disciplines including math, science, psychology, legal studies, economics, classical studies, and many more.

Our philosophy program emphasizes the analysis of ideas, careful reading and scholarship, and clear argumentation. These skills are highly valued by other disciplines and future employers.

Our graduates find successful careers in:

  • law
  • government
  • teaching
  • public relations
  • healthcare
  • non-profit
  • research

The Philosophy Department offers several plans for majors and minors.

Want to know more?

We are happy to answer any questions you have. Email: philug@uwaterloo.ca.

Philosophy program information and advising including advice about:

  • course overrides
  • course enrolling
  • course planning
  • becoming a philosophy major or minor
  • plan modifications
  • student petitions and grievances
  • application to graduate

Katy Fulfer, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies
Office: Hagey Hall 324

TBD, Undergraduate Coordinator
Office: Hagey Hall 320