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First year Philosophy courses

For students interested in taking a first year Philosophy course, we are offering the following courses this Fall term:

PHIL 101: Challenging Ideas: An Introduction to Philosophy

This course explores the most influential ideas and arguments in Philosophy, with a focus on four classic questions:

  • Does God exist?
  • What can we know about the external world?
  • What is the character of scientific knowledge?
  • What is the nature of mind?

PHIL 110A: Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality (Online)

This course will introduce you to central issues in metaphysics and epistemology, focusing on questions like:

  • Can we know anything?
  • Is the mind just a brain?
  • Do human beings have free will?
  • Does God exist?

PHIL 121: Moral Issues

This course will cover several controversial topics, and a range of philosophical views on each. Possible topics include:

  • Abortion
  • Cloning
  • Euthanasia and suicide
  • Animal rights

PHIL 145: Critical Thinking

This course is for students interested in developing skills related to:

  • basic types of reasoning
  • structure of arguments
  • critical assessment of information
  • common fallacies
  • problems of clarity and meaning