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Current course offerings

Philosophy undergraduate courses

Philosophy program information and advising including advice about course planning, becoming a philosophy major or minor, plan modifications, student petitions and grievances:

Doreen Fraser, Undergraduate Officer
Office: Hagey Hall (HH) 330
Extension: 32780

For general enquiries about philosophy, women's studies or cognitive science including course enrollment, course overrides, application to graduate and course outlines:

Tawnessa Carter, Undergraduate Coordinator
Office: Hagey Hall (HH) 365
Extension: 36886

Spring 2019 courses

Course Code Course Name Instructor
PHIL 101 Challenging Ideas: Intro to Philosophy TBD
PHIL 121 Moral Issues TBD
PHIL 215/ARBUS 202 Professional & Business Ethics TBD
PHIL 226 Biomedical Ethics TBD
PHIL 327 Philosophy of Law N. Ray

Spring 2019 online courses

Course Code Course Name
PHIL 145 Critical Thinking
PHIL 202/WS 222 Gender Issues
PHIL 251 Metaphysics & Epistemology
PHIL 256/PSYCH 256 Intro to Cognitive Science
PHIL 283/CLAS 261 Great Works: Ancient & Medieval
PHIL 324 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 384 History of Modern Philosophy