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Current course offerings

Philosophy undergraduate courses

Philosophy program information and advising including advice about course planning, becoming a philosophy major or minor, plan modifications, student petitions and grievances:

Doreen Fraser, Undergraduate Officer
Office: Hagey Hall (HH) 330
Extension: 32780

For general enquiries about philosophy, women's studies or cognitive science including course enrollment, course overrides, application to graduate and course outlines:

Tawnessa Carter, Undergraduate Coordinator
Office: Hagey Hall (HH) 365
Extension: 36886

Course Code Course Name Instructor

Winter 2019 course offerings

PHIL 101 Challenging Ideas I. MacDonald
PHIL 121 Moral Issues B. Orend
PHIL 145 Critical Thinking M. Silk
PHIL 202/WS 222 Gender Issues A. Gruenewald
PHIL 205/ECON 261 Philosophy of Economics P. Marino
PHIL 206 Philosophy of Sport M. Doucet
PHIL 215/ARBUS 202

Professional and Business Ethics

G. Andres
PHIL 216 Probability and Decision Making G. Andres
PHIL 226 Biomedical Ethics C. Lowry
PHIL 251 Metaphysics and Epistemology J. Turri
PHIL 252 Quantum Mechanics for Everyone D. Fraser
PHIL 256/PSYCH 256 Introduction to Cognitive Science N. Ray
PHIL 271 Special Topics: Ancient Greek Science J. Feke
PHIL 328 Human Rights B. Orend
PHIL 371/WS 365 Special Topics: Research as Resistance K. Fulfer
PHIL 380/CLAS 361 History of Ancient Philosophy: Plato's Dialogues J. Feke
PHIL 422 Special Topics: Justice and Disability C. Lowry
PHIL 455 Studies in Metaphysics: Realism and Anti-realism D. Fraser
Course Code Course Name

Winter 2019 online courses

PHIL 110B Intro to Philosophy: Ethics and Values
PHIL 145 Critical Thinking
PHIL 201 Philosophy of Sex and Love
PHIL 221 Ethics
PHIL 240 Intro to Formal Logic
PHIL 265 The Existentialist Experience

Spring 2019 courses

Course Code Course Name Instructor
PHIL 101 Challenging Ideas: Intro to Philosophy TBD
PHIL 121 Moral Issues TBD
PHIL 215/ARBUS 202 Professional & Business Ethics TBD
PHIL 226 Biomedical Ethics TBD
PHIL 327 Philosophy of Law N. Ray

Spring 2019 online courses

Course Code Course Name
PHIL 145 Critical Thinking
PHIL 202/WS 222 Gender Issues
PHIL 251 Metaphysics & Epistemology
PHIL 256/PSYCH 256 Intro to Cognitive Science
PHIL 283/CLAS 261 Great Works: Ancient & Medieval
PHIL 324 Social & Political Philosophy
PHIL 384 History of Modern Philosophy