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Summer 2015 - number 152

 "World line" by
 K. Aainsqatsi at en.wikipedia

Special Relativity: The World Line 

  • On teaching Special Relativity - Part 2 (pg 3)
  • Tackling a broad spectrum of science using synchrotron light (pg 8)
  • Medical Imaging Physics and Prostate Cancer Diagnosis (pg 10)
  • Philae Awakes from Hibernation (pg 12)
  • Dark Photons and Dark Matter (pg 13)

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  1. May 14, 2015Correction: SIN Bin #148 solution

    Consider the system of masses depicted to the right. The string connecting \(m_{2}\) and \(m_{3}\) is light and inextensible and the pulley is small, light and frictionless. All contact surfaces are also frictionless.

    (a) What force, \(\overrightarrow{F}\), is required for the mass \(m_{3}\) to have no vertical motion? 

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