Biophysics research group

Photo Name Research topics
Kostadinka Bizheva K. Bizheva
  • Biomedical optics
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Tissue optics
  • Optical spectroscopy
  • Confocal and fluorescence microscopy
  • Ultrafast optics
Melanie Campbell M.C. Campbell
  • Optical properties of the eye
  • Optical quality of ophthalmic instrumentation and optical design
  • Refractive properties of the crystalline lens and their changes with growth and accommodation
  • Retinal image quality
  • Monochromatic aberrations of the eye
  • Optical effects of refractive surgery
  • Reflections from the retina
  • Confocal microscopy and ophthalmoscopy
  • Measurement of refractive error
Jeff Z.Y. Chen Z.Y. Jeff Chen
  • Statistical physics
  • Computer simulations
  • Protein modeling
  • Polymers
  • Liquid crystals
  • Dendrimers
James Forrest J.A. Forrest
  • Physics of soft materials
  • Physics of polymer thin films
  • Crystalline polymers
  • Polymer interfaces and adhesion
  • Confinement of polymer chains
  • Glass transition in confined geometry
Bae-Yeun Ha B.-Y. Ha
  • Theory of biopolymers and biomembranes
  • DNA packaging
  • Membrane rupture
  • Polymer statics/dynamics
Stefan Idziak S. Idziak
  • Complex fluids
  • Confinement
  • Synchrotron x-ray diffraction
Zoya Leonenko Z. Leonenko
  • Biophysics of lipids and lipid-protein interactions
  • The role of structural changes and physical properties of lipid template in controlling biological processes and diseases
  • Application of lipid films in biomedical nanotechnology
  • Fluorescence and atomic force microscopy
  • Kelvin probe force microscopy
  • Single molecule force spectroscopy
Qing-Bin Lu Q.-B. Lu
  • Biophysics and biochemistry (molecular switches controlling DNA damage and cell death)
  • Ultrafast laser spectroscopic techniques
  • Nanometer-scale surface science
  • Environmental/atmospheric science (ozone depletion science)