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THE SCIENCE Soft materials pose unique challenges in condensed matter physics. They are dubbed “soft” because their structure is typically exquisitely sensitive to temperature, composition, external stimuli or other associated variables. This sensitivity arises from the competition among different interactions or between interactions and entropy. They are sometimes ordered but most of the time disordered.

THEORY AND SIMULATIONS Cutting-edge theoretical and computer simulation tools derived from statistical physics, field theory, and machine learning find their interesting applications here. In many cases, new tools are created which in-turn influence other branches of physics. Soft matter may also be far from equilibrium, so that it challenge us to develop ideas beyond the standard thermal physics and statistical mechanics.

PHYSICAL SYSTEMS Examples include but are not limited to: polymers, biomolecular systems, liquid crystals, colloids, and self-assembled structures.

THE GROUP An internationally recognized and dynamic research group of four professors together with their post-doctoral fellows and graduate students provides a unique opportunity in graduate studies at both MSc and PhD levels.

Jeff Z.Y. Chen Bae-Yeun Ha Mark W. Matsen Russell Thompson
Jeff Z.Y. Chen
Bae-Yeun Ha
Mark W. Matsen
Russell Thompson