Gustav Bakos Observatory Tour (rescheduled)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 6:30 pm - 6:30 pm EST (GMT -05:00)

A visitor observing the skies from the rooftop
Escape the mid-winter blahs and explore the dramatic lunar surface at the Observatory!

  • Presentation at 6:30 PM in RCH 302 (note the special room)
  • Telescope viewing at 7:00 PM (access from 3rd floor of PHY)

NOTE: this is a rescheduled tour from the previous week

The Observatory is open for public tours, usually on the first Wednesday of each month, offering a chance to look through the university's telescope. This will be preceded by a short talk on astronomy (around 30 minutes) plus an opportunity to ask questions, followed by a tour of the dome. In the event of bad weather, the observing will not be possible, but the talk and tour of facilities will go ahead. [No optical telescope on Earth can see through cloud - if it's too cloudy to see stars with the unaided eye (or the Sun earlier in the day), then we won't be able to see stars through the telescope.]

Will it be clear tonight? Astronomical forecastNote: due to repairs in the Physics building, the main entrance and stairwell are likely to be closed during this tour. The map below shows the closed main entrance (red icon) and alternate access points (blue icons) from EIT and the back of PHY. The entrance across from RCH is the closest to PHY 313 and the observatory.

Map of alternate PHY entrances