POSTPONED - Transit of Mercury Viewing Party

Monday, November 11, 2019 7:40 am - 7:40 am EST (GMT -05:00)

Update: 11/11, 7:40 AM - Event postponed due to poor weather conditions. Please do not attend at this time. Updates (if applicable) will be posted.

Online stream from elsewhere in the world, courtesy of SLOOH:

Remote video URL

Safely watch Mercury glide across the Sun for the last time until 2032!

Mercury transit of May 9, 2016 (Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

  • Telescope viewing beginning at 7:40 AM (observatory / rooftop; access from 3rd floor of PHY)
  • Mercury is nearest the centre of the Sun 10:20 AM
  • Transit ends around 1:08 PM

The observatory is hosting a special event for the November 2019 Mercury transit. Multiple telescopes will be set up on the rooftop for safe public viewing of the planet Mercury, crossing directly in front of the Sun. Drop in anytime (or multiple times!) during the morning or early afternoon to view this rare event, and learn what it has to do with figuring out distances in our solar system and discovering new planets in our galaxy.

Note: If the weather turns out to be cloudy, telescope observing will not be possible; special arrangements will apply:

  • If the weather is partly cloudy, we may elect to wait it out
  • In the event of persistent clouds or precipitation, a cancellation notice will be posted to this event listing, as well as the observatory's main webpage

More information:

Will it be clear today? Astronomical forecastNote: due to repairs in the Physics building, the main entrance and stairwell are likely to be closed during this tour. The map below shows the closed main entrance (red icon) and alternate access points (blue icons) from EIT and the back of PHY. The entrance across from RCH is the closest to PHY 313 and the observatory.

Map of alternate PHY entrances