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Why Physics & Astronomy?

Our programs will challenge you to probe and solve the most provoking and fundamental scientific concepts. With a strong emphasis on problem solving, computer literacy, and research valuable for employment, our goal is to provide a solid stepping stone to graduate school or a career in research.

Choosing Waterloo will give you the opportunity to interact with outstanding teachers and researchers, including those at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Research and at the Institute for Quantum Computing.

Access to a strong cooperative education program will provide exposure to practical applications of your knowledge.

Come; explore; find where you fit in!

Important information

How to apply to your program

Tuition, and estimated fees

Financial aid, scholarships & bursaries

Housing and residences

What is co-op?

The Co-op program offers the chance to graduate with up to 2 years of relevant working experience. 

After graduation

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