TA Training

We provide some initial training in the form of a TA Workshop that is run each year in the Fall semester. This workshop is provided in conjunction with the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE). It covers the basics of classroom teaching, laboratory demonstrating and marking.

TA training sessions and resources, CTE

Grad Writing Centre

The Grad Writing Centre (GWC) offers free tutorials and consulting sessions to all registered, on-campus UW grad students. Tutors review students’ work and make suggestions to improve their writing based on errors in grammar and punctuation that arise during the one-hour tutorial or consulting session.  Our goal is to improve students’ understanding of English grammar and punctuation, and to improve their proofreading skills.  Please note that we are a teaching service, not a proofreading /editorial service.

More information about grad writing sessions can be found on the Writing and Communication Centre's website.