First-year Science student is the luckiest in Canada

Friday, February 6, 2015

Daniel Pracsovics.First-year Physics and Astronomy student Daniel Pracsovics recently won more than $60,000 in prizes thanks to the third annual Luckiest Student in Canada Contest hosted by the Student Life Network.

He beat out more than 2,000 students from Waterloo alone to win. This was the third year the contest was held. But this year’s prize package was the largest ever given away in Canadian student history.

This will make things a lot easier to pay for university," said Pracsovics.

Saturday evening, Pracsovics and his fellow students, gathered on campus at the Bombshelter Pub in the Student Life Centre, to await the announcement of the grand prize winner.

It wasn’t until a video of his family started playing that Pracsovics realized he’d won. While accepting the award, his parents and 35 relatives and friends from his hometown of Cobourg surprised him by joining him on the stage.

In addition to the cash prize that he received, Pracsovics also won free tuition, groceries and smartphone bills for a year as well as textbooks for the next three years, a trip for two to Peru and a $20,000 guaranteed investment certificate from the CIBC.

Tom Donnelly, the president of chief executive of the Student Life Network, said a group of partners, such as CIBC and Dell Computers, wanted to create a package that could change a student's life.

This prize package was designed to make a student's life as easy as possible," said Woodall, director of accounts for the network. "The idea was to eliminate any stress every student would have."

Pracsovics says that the package will help with finances and would allow him to get a research position in astronomy.

With an interest in exoplanets and black holes, Pracsovics admires Continuing Lecturer Richard Epp as his favourite instructor, stating that he enjoyed the astronomy class taught by Epp the most.

About ten days before the reveal my sister asked me who my favourite instructor was. I told her it was Richard Epp, so I was really surprised when he personally congratulated me at the announcement,” says Pracsovics.

When asked about his experiences so far, as part of Waterloo Science, Pracsovics said he has thoroughly enjoyed his time here as a student.

I chose to come to UWaterloo because I wanted to try out different jobs in astronomy through co-op,” says Pracsovics. “It’s been awesome so far, I love it here. I’ve met great people in the living learning community, Faculty and during Orientation Week as well. I’m glad I came.”

Congratulations again to Canada’s Luckiest Student, we wish you the best in your studies!

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