Undergraduate Award Winners

The Department of Physics & Astronomy is proud of our driven, and collaborative undergraduate students! Across our various degree programs, our students strive for excellence. The department of Physics & Astronomy would like to recognize our student’s achievements and awards, and to support them in their future goals.

Congratulations to our award winners for your hard work, contribution, and achievements. Thank you to our donors as well for making these possible.

2020 Award Winners

Name Year/Plan Award Name
Steph Swanson 4B Mathematical Physics Honours Co-op Shiloh Brawn Award for Women in Physics
Aviv Shaya Padawer-Blatt 3B Physics and Astronomy Honours Co-op Destination Physics Scholarship
Sadie Graves 3B Life Physics/Biophysics Specialization Honours Co-op Destination Physics Scholarship
Andrew James Kovachik 4B Physics and Astronomy Honours Co-op Glyn Reesor Prize
En Long 4B Physics and Astronomy Honours Helen Sawyer Hogg Scholarship in Astronomy
Peipei Zhou 4B MNS Honours I.R. Dagg Memorial Scholarship
Duale Mohamed Omar 4A Life Physics-Non-Special, Honours Co-op I.R. Dagg Memorial Scholarship
Jensen Pierce Thomas Lawrence 3B Mathematical Physics Honours Co-op Mike Lazaridis Scholarship in Theoretical Physics
Paige Angela Harford 4B Physics Honours Co-op, Astrophysics Minor Sir Isaac Newton Scholarships
Qinghao Zhang 4B Physics Honours, Computing Option Sir Isaac Newton Scholarships
Hin Pok Cyrus Fung 3A Mathematical Physics Honours Department Liu Award
Madeleine Bérubé 1B Physics and Astronomy Honours Co-op Don E. Brodie Scholarship In Science