Sessional Instructors - Spring 2020
PLAN 414/641 REC 425 Marcus Letourneau
PLAN/CIVE 484/684 Sean Hertel
Sessional Instructors - Winter 2020
PLAN 403 Ann Joyner - Planner In Residence
PLAN 471/630 Nancy Smith/Denise Baker
PLAN 474/674 Paolo Ciardulli
PLAN 483/602 ECDEV 612 Jeff Solly
Sessional Instructors - Fall 2019
PLAN 474/674 Wayne Caston
PLAN 721 Nancy Adler, Dana Anderson, Bob Lehman
Adjunct Faculty
Alana Boland Graduate Committee
Andrew Church Graduate Committee
Laura Johnson Graduate Committee/Research
Roger Suffling Graduate Committee/Research
Tara Vinodrai Graduate Committee
Murray Haight


Research Interests

  • Environmental Planning
  • Waste management
Laura Johnson

Research Interests

  • Social planning

  • integration of social supports into housing environments

  • telecommuting and home-based work

  • women, work and family; supportive housing, survey research and qualitative research methods

Robert Shipley

Research Interests

  • Heritage conservation planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Heritage tourism design
Roger Suffling

Research Interests:

  • Natural resources planning
  • Ecological restoration
  • Community and economic development in small northern communities

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