PhD, Planning

Samantha BiglieriPrior Degrees

  • Master of Planning in Urban Development (M.Pl.), Ryerson University
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Global Development Studies and Italian, Queen’s University 

Planning Interests

  • Healthy and Inclusive Cities
  • Accessibility
  • Aging
  • Sub/urbanisms
  • Land use planning, urban design and wayfinding

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Research Topic

Given the paradigm shift in demographic change Canada is facing and the popular desire to “age-in-place”, there is an impetus to research, develop and create policies for enabling, healthy environments so people can continue their lives in their communities for as long as possible.

My research is therefore based in two fields – planning practice and public health – and is centered on the importance of creating fully accessible, inclusive and meaningful spaces in order to improve health outcomes.

Recent Interviews

CBC Radio. "How urban design can help people with dementia navigate neighbourhoods and public spaces." Spark, September 27, 2019.

Upstream Foundation. "Aging in Suburbia." Plan B, September 17, 2019.

Presentations/Publications/Professional Experience

I have professional planning experience in the private, NGO and research sectors, with a focus on land-use planning, feasibility analysis, and strategic planning.


Biglieri, S. (2018). Implementing Dementia-Friendly Land Use Planning: An Evaluation of Current Literature and Financial Implications for Greenfield Development in Suburban Canada. Planning Practice & Research, 33(3), 264-290. doi:10.1080/02697459.2017.1379336

M. Hartt & Biglieri, S. (2018). Prepared for the Silver Tsunami? An Examination of Municipal Old-Age Dependency and Age-Friendly Policy in Ontario, Canada. Journal of Urban Affairs, 40(5), 625-638. doi:10.1080/07352166.2017.1360744

Biglieri, S. & M. Hartt. Understanding “double risk” for older adults: An examination of the interactions between vulnerability and (un)supportive built environments in Canada. Ageing & Society. (Manuscript Submitted).

Dean, J., Biglieri, S., Drescher, M., Garnett, A., Glover, T. and J. Casello. Thinking relationally about built environments and physical activity: A study of adult walking behavior in Waterloo, Ontario. Health & Place. (Revise and Resubmit).

Biglieri, S. The Right to (Re)shape the City as a Person Living with Dementia: Identifying barriers and adapting the Open House. Journal of the American Planning Association. (Manuscript prepared for submission).

Biglieri, S. (Fall 2017). Dementia + Planning: Expanding accessibility through design and planning practice. Plan Canada, Vol. 53, Issue 3.

Biglieri, S. & M. Hartt. (Fall 2017). Understanding Municipal-level Demographic Dependency and Age-Friendly Policy: Results from Ontario. Plan Canada, Vol. 53, Issue 3.

Biglieri, S. & Dean, J. (2017). Aging in Suburbia, in Still detached and subdivided? Suburban ways of living in 21st century North America. Edited By: M. Moos and R. Walter-Joseph.

Of note

  • Candidate Member of OPPI and CIP
  • Sessional Lecturer at Ryerson University in the School of Urban and Regional Planning 

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PhD Co-Representative on the Association of Graduate Planners

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