Sample Client Partnership Projects - PLAN 405

Plan 405 Integrated Planning Project

This senior level course provides an opportunity for students to integrate their planning skills and knowledge in an applied context. Working under the supervision of Planning faculty, student groups will tackle case studies based on local real world examples. The projects will require an integrative approach with required design, analytic, and theoretical elements. Students will develop, implement, and present their term projects in a professional setting.

Sample projects - 2017 PLAN 405

Municipal Planning Data: Investigation of Effective Tools for Sharing Spatial Information(pdf)

Client: City of Cambridge, Robert Delorme, Manager, IT Strategy    Planning & Portfolio
Consultant: GeoPlan Strategies
Team Members: Johanna Caesar, Aaron Cheng, Kelly Livingstone, Jelena Mancic, Allen Yu
Faculty Mentor: Professor Dawn Parker

Defining Development Opportunities for Small-Scale Housing In the Greater Toronto Area(pdf)

Client: Sorbara Group of Companies, Catherine Pan, MCIP, RPP, Development Manager
Consultant: Evolve Consulting
Team Members: Ore Alade, Vikram Hardatt, Richard Kelly-Ruetz, Erin Tng, Vivian Wong
Faculty Mentor: Professor Mark Seasons

Re-Imaging Meadowvale Town Centre as a Place for Young Adults and Families(pdf)

Client: City of Mississauga, Jordan Lee, MCIP, RPP, Planner, Policy Planning
Consultant: Hybrid Consulting
Team Members: Janice Cheung, Mehr Hazari, Deeksha Choudry, Terence Ho, Stephanie Mirtitsch, Simon Wong
Faculty Mentor: Professor Leia Minaker

Development Options and Visualization for Vacant Lands in Smithville(pdf)

Client: Township of West Lincoln, Gerrit Boerema, Planner II
Consultant: Inno-/scape
Team Members: Brandon Almeida, Daniel Angelucci, Melissa Diep, Chantal Kitamura, Crystal-Lynn Rawson)
Faculty Mentor: Karen Hammond

Sample projects - 2015 PLAN 405

Speers Road Corridor Study (pdf)

Client: Town of Oakville, Brad Sunderland, MCIP, RPP
Consultant: JRASK Planning & Engineering Consultants
Team Members: James Elliott, Katherine Frankovich, Alejandra Garavito, Scott Sterling, Ruth Tregenza
Faculty Mentor: Professor Mark Seasons


Client: Mark L. Dorfman, Planner Inc.
Consultant: BP Partnership
Team Members: Sarah Krapez, Samantha Bateman, Bhakti Rathod, Bennett Hannam, Sharon Lam
Faculty Mentor: Professor Zhu (Joe) Qian


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