Sample Client Partnership Projects - PLAN 721

Plan 721 Advance Planning Project Studio

This student centered studio course involves partnering with a local community, providing student led groups on opportunity to emulate professional practice under the guidance of an assigned faculty member. Skills and knowledge developed in the introductory studio course are enhanced and important community engagement skills are emphasized in the chosen project. Reflective learning is central as students are expected to assess the process, the outcome, and the interrelationship between them. Community presentation of the problem solution is required.

Sample projects

Town of Midland Proposal for Parking Lot Intensification(PDF)

Client Partner: Town of Midland, Wes Crown, Director and Jill Lewis, Senior Planner

Course Instructor: Robert Lehman - Fall 2015

Student Team Members:

  • Johan Chandy
  • Beth Davies
  • Filiz Tamer
  • Xinyue Pi
  • Karmen Whitbread

Grey County - On-Farm Business Policy Review

Client Partner: Grey County, Scott Taylor, Senior Planner and Philly Markowitz, Economic Development Officer

Course Instructor: Robert Lehman - Fall 2015

Student Team Members:

  • Alex Clarke
  • Stephanie Lacey-Avon
  • Catherine McLean
  • Betty Zhao

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