Student Program Manual

Welcome to the Undergraduate Program Manual. This manual is designed to help you get the most of your academic career in the School of Planning. Some policies interpreted here are also found under the University of Waterloo's official policies webpage and/or in the undergraduate calendar.

Where any statement within conflicts with the undergraduate handbook and/or the undergraduate calendar, the last two will take precedence, unless the conflict is the result of a recent policy change not yet reflected in other documents.

The School of Planning is one of the academic units comprising the Faculty of Environment (ENV). There may be occasion while you are registered in the School of Planning that you will require the assistance of other key people with the Faculty. Not sure who to see?

General course information

For information regarding course selection and financial costs of courses please see this section. Information about course descriptions, course offerings, course weights, cross-registration at Wilfrid Laurier University, online courses are featured here.

Course selection

The Course selection tool is designed to facilitate the course selection process. Information about course availability is available here. Please note, course availability depends on your academic year.

Course and plan changes

Information related to changing your academic plan is available here. This includes: declaring a major/minor, declaring a specialization, dropping/adding courses, etc.

Special courses

The School of Planning offers a number of unique courses. The following page will provide you with the process and necessary information to enroll in these courses.

Degree requirements

The School of Planning has specific requirements you must meet to complete your degree. All the information regarding degree requirements is found in this section. Use the Degree Requirements Checklist to view your progress throughout your undergraduate.

Minors, options, and diplomas

This section outlines the process on pursuing a minor, option or diploma in addition to your undergraduate degree.

Planning specializations

The School of Planning offers four unique specializations. The following section provide you with the requirements for each specialization. They are: Decision Support and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Environmental Planning and Management, Land Development Planning, Urban Design.

School of Planning and faculty awards

There are a number of awards and scholarships available only to students in the School of Planning and Faculty of Environment. Please see this section to view what awards and scholarships are available. Additionally, information about the Dean's Honours List is also available. To see a list of the most recent recipients, please view the Student awards and achievements.

Careers in planning

Find out about the different careers planners take on after graduation!

Regulations and procedures

The School of Planning and University of Waterloo have specific regulations and procedures that must be abided by as a student of the University. For more information about the different regulations, policies and procedures, please view this secretion.

Additional info for a Faculty of Environment Student

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Research in Planning

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